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  • Toyota to discontinue its youth-oriented Scion brand

    As of 2017 model year, Scions will be rebranded as Toyotas. Toyota is doing away with its Scion brand, as the automaker repositions the line of funky small vehicles which launched more than a decade ago to attract young North American buyers.

    Toyota said its decision to scrap the brand was "made in response to customers' needs." Scion launched in the U.S. in 2003. The brand was not introduced to Canada until 2010.

    Toyota said it will rebadge three of its 2017 model-year Scions as Toyotas, beginning in August. One model, the tC coupe, will no longer be produced as of that month. Scion sales in Canada and the U.S. peaked at 173,034 vehicles in 2006, but have fallen back

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  • Scion Died Because Toyota Never Really Gave A Shit

    Scion is no more. Dead. Fin. We’ve seen this coming for years, but if we’re being honest, everyone should have seen it from day one. On Scion’s first official day of sales, in 2003, it sold a car called the xA. And the xA can explain the death of Scion, more than 12 years later.

    I know it sounds absurd that a 12-year-old car, produced for only two years, could be responsible for the death of an entire brand. It’s not like all of Scion’s managers were mowed down by unintentionally-accelerating xAs, however much they may or may not have deserved it. It’s what it represented.

    Scion was always supposed to be Toyota’s brand for the Youths, whatever that meant.

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2016 Scion iM Concept

Coming Soon! iM magnetic. iM modern. iM the All-New Scion iM Concept.

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2015 Scion tC RS 9.0

Partnering with the world-renowned Cartel Customs, Scion has unleashed its wild side with the vibrant two-toned coupe and a host of tuning-inspired features. Witness the transformation of the Scion tC. Get inside the RS 9.0 and discover your inner street beast.

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2015 Scion FR-S RS 1.0

FR-S RS 1.0 can’t help but make you look twice. An aggressively crafted exterior protects a heart that pumps the blood of over 60 years of racing innovation and modification. With Japanese-inspired styling and features, FR-S pays homage to its rich performance history. 75 available units on Canadian soil won’t last long.

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2014 Scion xB RS 10.0

Infused with enhanced in-car technology and paired with an electrifying coat of paint, this special edition xB defies all convention. But with only 50 units available in Canada the time is now to acquire the car of tomorrow.

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